What You Need to Know Before Buying Cybersecurity Software

Cybersecurity is important when running a business. All companies should prioritize keeping their data and assets secure, especially with our current corporate environment. As companies rely on information technology to conduct business, they should be aware of various threats that put their networks in danger. Using cybersecurity products is one way to tackle this issue. However, before you invest in any product, it is important to conduct risk assessments to know exactly what you need. IT services near Columbia can help you secure the right technology investment for your business.

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Discovering threats and vulnerabilities — IT Support Near Columbia

Companies need to undergo a risk assessment test to evaluate its current cybersecurity infrastructure. This will enable them to easily identify, correct, and prevent security breaches from wreaking havoc to your network. After figuring out the potential issues that cybercriminals can exploit, rank them based on the possibility of occurrence as well the effects they can do to your business.

When doing risk assessments, remember that they are unique in every business and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Factors such as line of business and operating environment will be taken into consideration when determining the differences in needs and risks. For instance, manufacturing companies and banks have totally different applications to secure.

After tagging and rating potential risks, highlight the vulnerabilities that need immediate attention and which ones can be addressed next time. For instance, a server with an unpatched operating system should be prioritized over a laptop that’s running a little slower than usual.

Create specialized security controls

While you can just equally spend your time and money on all security solutions, it would be more effective if you focus on areas which are prone to risks. Resolve the issues on these areas right away after an assessment, but still evaluate their risk profiles often. This strategy is beneficial for businesses that are on a tight budget but don't want to make security sacrifices.

Assess existing cybersecurity products

As a business, you may have already spent some money to buy and maintain various security products. By taking risk assessments more often, you can level up the strategies you have in place and avoid wasteful spending. For one, you will realize that some of your legacy equipment doesn't have to be upgraded. It is also possible that the products you are currently using don't meet specific standards anymore or your needs have changed or disappeared altogether.

Once you have identified the relevant threats to the organization with the help of IT services in Columbia, including the internal and external weaknesses, it’s time to choose a cybersecurity product that will protect your company’s network.

Here’s what should you consider when choosing an antivirus solution:

Scanning and detection methods

When choosing antivirus software, opt for those with real-time scanners and on-demand discovery. The real-time scanner runs in the background so every file accessed is checked consistently. Meanwhile, an on-demand scanner periodically checks your files for malware, whether they are accessed or not.

Effect on your device’s performance

Some heavy-duty antivirus software that runs continuously in the background can consume much of your CPU resources. It can affect processing speed and slow down your device. When choosing cybersecurity solutions, make sure that it will not be in conflict with the requirements of your device. Also, make sure that it is compatible with the operating system you’re using. Otherwise, this will cause damage to your computer as it struggles to keep up with the demand.

Additional Features

Check out the features of the antivirus software before buying it. Doing this will let you get the most out of your security solution. If you are using it for personal use, a standard antivirus suite may be enough, but if you’re a bank or government office, it may be essential to install software with a wide range of protection including firewall, email protection, and anti-phishing tools.

Final Thoughts

Cybersecurity threats have been a constant problem of businesses. If your organization is falling behind on cybersecurity, it can lead to disaster. However, outsourcing managed IT services in Columbia can give you access to risk assessments that can help make sure that you are ready for the latest cyber threats and attack strategies.

If you want to learn more about how we can secure your network, reach out to Swift Systems. Our expert team will protect your business against advanced threats while ensuring your compliance. Give us a call today to get a reliable IT service.

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