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Easy Network Setup Supports Growth for a Busy Endodontic Dental Practice

Application & File Sharing Infrastructure: IT Support Case Study

Customer Profile:

As a Maryland based, multi-office endodontic dental practice that specializes in the latest treatments for therapy and trauma care, the practice is dedicated to the delivery of specialized dental care. The practice specializes in the latest treatments for therapy and trauma care. The two offices are fully equipped with all of the latest endodontic technologies and the owner and managing medical doctor is a specialist with accredited educational training in root canal treatments.


As a growing business, the practice faced a common problem in the evolution of an expanding business.  Part-time or ad-hoc vendor relationships leaned on during the early years often don’t scale to meet the technical requirements of a larger business.  In 2009, the office manager came to the conclusion that they needed Swift’s assistance with their IT network and desktop support. At the time, a family member assisted both offices with PC maintenance and servicing the needs of two locations kept them extremely busy. Billing records and insurance information were kept separate at each office location and patient x-rays were emailed between the offices for record sharing. As the practice grew and demands on staff time increased, the demand for easy-to-access shared files and network systems became apparent, as did the need for on demand IT support and services.

Approach & Solution:

Swift network engineers recommended a shared virtual network server for the two office locations to enable unified application and file sharing capabilities. Swift’s managed IT services staff worked with the office manager to set up a new Dell server infrastructure at each office, which included a GTA firewall with VPN services connecting the offices seamlessly and transparently and new workstations to speed operations. The Swift team migrated the existing office systems to the new setup over two weekends with no operational downtime.

The business IT platform embodied the Swift approach, a simple and effective design that solved some big problems for the medical practice. The technology upgrades streamlined their internal processes thereby saving staff time and allowing them to handle a greater number of appointments with ease.

Results & Benefits:

The new shared network infrastructure meets HIPAA compliance standards ensuring that data storage and management meets healthcare industry privacy rules. Office staff can now access shared billing information, insurance data, and patient records lessening the time needed to organize files and x-ray images, streamlining invoice and health claim processing. The office manager was then able to easily upgrade other digital imaging technology and clinical equipment, allowing the practice to keep up with the latest endodontic advancements. Since project completion, Swift engineers perform monthly preventative maintenance and support services to reduce the risk of downtime and rapidly respond to any help desk or desktop support needs that arise.

About Swift Systems:

Swift Systems serves regional businesses as a provider of IT engineering and consulting services, colocation, and other cloud-based services from two Swift Systems owned and managed data centers. Our dynamic infrastructure services and data management solutions help growing organizations solve their business challenges and successfully leverage their IT investments. We define flexible architecture for organizations that allow them to grow their businesses knowing that their network and critical storage and computing platforms can easily and cost effectively scale to meet their ever expanding needs. Swift Systems – a certified veteran owned small business and leading managed information technology (IT) solutions provider that delivers the highest level of technology based IT services to businesses, government agencies, and institutions throughout Maryland, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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