Hybrid Cloud Solutions for SMBs

New owners of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are typically focused entrepreneurs providing oversight over all aspects of business operations. Owners may feel tremendous anxiety at the idea of surrendering control of IT equipment and applications by utilizing the cloud. Hanging onto control, however, has clear downsides. For example, maintaining all IT operations onsite is typically very expensive and time-consuming. The business is also much more vulnerable to cyberattacks and downtime. A hybrid cloud solution can be the perfect way to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Cloud Strategies

Instead of linking up all IT operations to the cloud, the following are different ways to implement a hybrid cloud approach to IT:

  • Assess your existing IT strategy with a view to achieve some serious decluttering. Determine which applications or IT systems are critical right now and which ones can go because they don’t support future initiatives.
  • Explore the different ways to leverage a hybrid cloud strategy, recognizing that SMBs can now exercise greater flexibility as well as more deftly handle new business growth and opportunity because of the cloud. Programs that can be easily integrated with a hybrid cloud environment no matter what operating systems or servers you use include 24/7 help desk support, disaster recovery, and data backup solutions.
  • Choose the aspects of your business to keep in-house and which functions you are comfortable shifting to the cloud.
  • Create a multi-year strategy for the implementation of your hybrid cloud strategy. This may mean, for example, granting in-house application developers controlled access to public cloud services as they explore a new business initiative.

Cloud Services

Swift Systems can work with your company to develop a hybrid cloud strategy that meets the needs of your business while allowing you to maintain the level of control you’re comfortable with. More and more small and midsized businesses are taking advantage of the benefits provided by the cloud. Contact us at Swift Systems today to schedule a free assessment.

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