What is Network Security?

Network Security or Network protection is something that every business needs. It refers to activities that are designed to protect your network and data. This can include both software and hardware technologies and stops threats from accessing and spreading throughout your network. Effective network security protects your network by managing access to the network and taking immediate action when a threat is detected.

Network Security

Network security is one of the most important aspects of managed IT services and it's something that every business need, especially larger organizations with complicated networks, thousands of users and a lot of sensitive data. Any business that delivers services to their customers will know just how important it is to have a fully functional network that is optimized, protected and monitored.

Businesses need to know that their computer systems, data and networks are safe and protected against unauthorized use and attacks outside their company.

How Does Network Protection Work?

Securing a network usually involves multiple layers of defenses, with each layer implementing various controls and policies. Users that are authorized can access the network, while attempts from unauthorized sources are blocked and prevented from carrying out treats.

Network security protects a business from various threats. These network protection threats can be spyware, malware, or ransomware, for example, and can scan your network to locate sensitive information such as passwords and credit card data. You want to protect your network from unlawful access and network protection threats, which is why effective security is crucial.

How Do I Benefit from Network Security?

Small businesses can benefit in a number of ways when securing their network:

  • Helps to comply with industry-specific regulations
  • Allows employees to work securely from any location
  • Shortens the recovery time in the event of a security breach
  • Boost consumer confidence that sensitive data is protected
  • Scales easily to support unique business systems

In the event of a network breach, a small business can be sidetracked for weeks at a time. It can also destroy a business' reputation and prove to be a costly event. In fact, according to Symantec, malicious attacks are responsible for almost 40% of all security breaches - with the cost of a single breach being more than $130 per record. This does not even include the cost of additional marketing expenses in an effort to rebuild a brand reputation.

It's crucial to safeguard your network before an attack occurs, but the good news is that network security is now more affordable and scalable to your needs. IT service providers can offer custom plans designed specifically for the unique needs of small and medium businesses.

Types of Network Security

There are many different types of network security, such as:

  • Access control - Not everyone should have access to your business' network, so it's important to recognize approved users, and prevent unauthorized access. You can also block non-compliant devices and deny them access or limit their access.
  • Antivirus software - Malware such as ransomware and viruses can infect a network, causing data loss and security breaches. This is why it is important to have the best antivirus software that will not only scan for malware when it enters a network, but also continually monitor the network for any dormant threats.
  • Behavioral analytics - In order to detect abnormal network behavior, you need to know how to identify it. With behavioral analytics, a network protection team can use tools to automatically detect these activities and prevent possible damage, removing any immediate threats.
  • Application security - Whether you build or buy a piece of software, it needs to be protected. Hackers will look for any vulnerabilities or opportunities to infiltrate your network. Application security will protect hardware and software to prevent any possible threats.
  • Cloud security - With more and more applications moving to the cloud, businesses can take advantage of scalability, usability and cost savings. SaaS applications can provide more control over information and applications used, as well as how information is shared.

Protecting your network essentially means that you are protecting your business and customers. This, in turn, boosts your productivity and reputation, which are both very important for growing businesses. With an effective IT support team, network security will be easy to accomplish, and your company data and internal networks will be protected and optimized.

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